After two and a half years of one step forward, two steps back, we finally have a permission to build. It is amazing, fantastic and almost too good to believe to be true! The things we have learned would be another story, but now we are just super excited to finally get going!

Guess what she is holding?

Before Christmas the old house will be torn down and the site prepared for the construction to kick off in March/April 2023, when the winter ceases. We will be spending the time finalizing budgeting, building a project timeline, completing technical plans and engaging contractors.

The old garage will go down as well.

Much has already happened on the site. During the past months, trees have been cut, usable parts of the old house have been recycled, the garage has been emptied and a project manager has been hired (we realized we need a professional with time, expertise and network). The local fire brigade even ran an exercise at the site (no, they didn’t burn down the house).

It was sad to cut down the old apple trees, but they were located exactly on the building site.
Also, they were found to be rotten inside, and would have not survived that long anymore.

But most of all, we are just so excited that this huge roadblock has now been removed. However, we have done enough renovation projects and watched too many episodes of Grand Designs to know there will be others ahead. With this project, the budget has already exploded and timeline blown, so certainly it won’t be smooth sailing from here to the finish line. But hey, now we are moving, which after such a long wait, just feels fantastic.

Urho has very much been involved in the preparatory work.
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Loves trail running, builds a home with Team Olive Green at the sea, does all kinds of silly stuff with two minors and a dachshund.

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