Kaislaranta (eng. “Reedy Shore”) is our biggest project so far. In short, we are building a new home. It all started when Pekka, who had just cut off one of his fingers while renovating our previous home, wanted to go and see a piece of property he had found online. Feeling terrible about the recent accident, Minna simply could not say no. Little did we know at the time, but that was for us what they call the “point of no return”. We were hooked.

Photo by Anders Wikholm

The new home will be located on a beautiful 5800 m2 property, right next to water. The design is inspired by mid-century modern buildings, a few of our favourite examples being the Invermark House in South Africa and the Ahm House in England. The basic structure will be post and beam. Big windows will complement the wood and brick elements. As the design finalises, we will make sure to share more.

What’s happening right now?

We have moved out from our previous home to a temporary rental, are finalising the plans and are in the process of clearing all necessary permissions to start building. Check out the latest posts to find out more!

Happy Holidays!

As this extremely special year is about to end, we’d like to send you our best wishes for the Holidays!

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