We started the Christmas celebrations with the traditional Christmas sauna yesterday. The icy and windy weather added to the excitement of the evening, for example the approach to “throw” water to the sauna heater unique to the season.

While waiting sauna to heat up, a must-dance Christmas mix came on in the radio. The moves were not quite correct, being modified Macarena even at best, and the surroundings should probably have been tidied up to make the video a bit more presentable, but who cares. We had a blast dancing and laughing!

Now when we have a couple of days off, Pekka plans to spend some time visualizing the interplay between the post and beam structure and window frames. Clarifying our vision this way will hopefully help the structural engineer in his work. It is not the easiest task to find a compromize between the design and the structrual requirements when building in a Northern country like Finland.

Otherwise, it will be just taking it easy, having no plans and eating some good food. Hope you will have a great break, and have time to relax and recharge!

Merry Christmas & Happy 2023!

Thank you for following our journey, and hope to see you all energized on the other side of the Holidays. Next year will (finally) be a year of action, we and our hammers are ready!

Posted by:Minna

Loves trail running, builds a home with Team Olive Green at the sea, does all kinds of silly stuff with two minors and a dachshund.

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