Before getting deep into architectural planning (which we will do shortly), we wanted to invite you for a virtual walk around Kaislaranta. The tour starts from the entrance and heads towards the sea, checking out the different buildings on the property. Come and take a look, hope you enjoy the view!

The old summer house (yellow building) was built during 1920’s and as much character as it has, it is in a pretty poor condition and is thus destined to be taken down. Our new home will be built roughly on the same spot, enabling one to enjoy the beautiful view to the sea.

The rest of the three buildings will stay where they are. We are especially in love with the sauna, located right next to the water. Sauna, as well as the other smaller buildings do need a bit of tender care, but that only means we have plenty of fun projects to get down and dirty already this coming summer!

Posted by:Minna

Loves trail running, builds a home with Team Olive Green at the sea, does all kinds of silly stuff with two minors and a dachshund.

One thought on “Tour in Kaislaranta

  1. Lovely spot to build a mid century inspired masterpiece. It reminds me a bit of the Eames house grounds in Pacific Palisades, (with added closeness to water). I also love the exposed granite boulders; quintisentially scandinavian. It would be great to preserve them in your scheme somehow. Good luck and looking forward to seeing your dream come to fruition.

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