After some quieter times in both renovating and blogging, we are back. And we are so glad you found our new site, as there are some exciting news to share: we are going to build a home! The new home will be located on a beautiful 5800 m2 property, right next to water. The design is inspired by mid-century modern buildings, a few of our favourite examples being the Invermark House in South Africa and the Ahm House in England. The basic structure will be post and beam. Big windows will be complemented by wood and brick elements. As the design finalises, we will make sure to share more.

You may remember our previous renovation project, which can still be found in the old Olive Green blog. While in the midst of the most intense years of that adventure, we weren’t seriously entertaining the idea of even a bigger project. However, after two or so years of calmer non-renovation times, turbodieselin started to grow. Then, one day we came across with a piece of land at the sea. Little did we know at the time, but that was for us what they call the “point of no return” (sharing that story with some more details later). We were hooked.

So, you are so warmly welcome to follow the new adventure! We decided to call it Project “Kaislaranta” (eng. “Reedy Shore”), for obvious reasons. At the moment, we are taking the first steps: finalising the designs, moving out from our current home, setting up a rental, figuring out school and daycare…

Such exciting times ahead. Stay tuned, and as regards to the new layout, please let us know what works and what doesn’t – feedback is a gift!

Posted by:Minna

Loves trail running, builds a home with Team Olive Green at the sea, does all kinds of silly stuff with two minors and a dachshund.

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